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Dish gives Hopper the award denied to it by CBS

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Dish Hopper CES Award (STOCK)
Dish Hopper CES Award (STOCK)

Dish may have found itself on the wrong side of CNET's "Best of CES" award after parent company CBS forced the editorial staff of the website to revote, but that hasn't stopped Dish from making the most out of the controversy. The company originally broke the news in a press release, and now it has awarded itself the title that it had taken away. Dish's promotional site for the Hopper with Sling says the set-top box was "named best in show" with a big, fat asterisk next to it. Here's what Dish has to say:

*What's an asterisk doing in our award? CBS will go to any lengths to keep you from enjoying ad-skipping technology – even censoring its own writers and throwing out their decision to name Hopper 'Best In Show.' Your vote is the only one that really matters, so learn more about the Hopper with Sling® below.