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Office 2013 looks set for January 29th as pre-orders begin to emerge

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Microsoft Office 2013 logo stock
Microsoft Office 2013 logo stock

It looks like we finally have a launch date for Microsoft Office 2013: January 29th. The date comes courtesy of a pre-order page on Canadian retailer Future Shop's website for Microsoft's Office 365 subscription service, which says that the product is set to be released on the 29th. Other rumors have corroborated that date, and our own sources have confirmed that the 29th is accurate.

Office 2013, Microsoft's latest version of its iconic productivity suite, has been available to businesses since mid-November, and consumers have been able to try it out in preview form for quite some time. (A preview version of Office 2013 RT is also pre-installed on all Surface RT tablets.) However, until now, we have been waiting on word from Microsoft on when we should expect the full Office 2013 suite to be available. The company previously revealed that its Office 365 subscription service giving users access to the Office 2013 suite would cost $99.99 per year, while different standalone versions of the suite will range from $139.99 to $399.99.