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Nike looks to unleash potential of fitness platform with new developer APIs

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Nike's FuelBand and Nike+ running accessories are already among the most popular fitness trackers on the market, but the company is keenly aware the platform holds plenty of room for potential. To that end, today it's released a set of APIs that grant select third-party developers access to your workout metrics; type of activity, exercise duration, calories burned, and earned NikeFuel will all be available to app makers. Developers will also be made aware of the specific Nike+ device you're using / wearing, and if said hardware offers GPS functionality they'll receive that information as well.

These APIs come ahead of Nike's recently-announced Accelerator program, an initiative it hopes will uncover the brightest minds planning to use your fitness data in promising and unexpected ways. Applications for the program, which runs for three months starting in March, are being accepted until February 3rd. Those chosen to take part will be rewarded with the powerful new APIs. Nike's platform has already seen integration in popular apps like Path, but it seems we've only seen the beginning of what's possible when that data is placed in the right hands.