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Windows 8 Pro upgrades to be priced at $199 starting in February

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windows 8 765
windows 8 765

Microsoft's promotional upgrade pricing for Windows 8 is coming to an end on January 31st and the company has revealed the long term cost for its new OS today. A Windows 8 Pro upgrade will be available online and in retail stores for $199.99, with the standard Windows 8 upgrade edition available for $119.99 from February onwards.

A promotional offer, available since October, allows consumers to purchase Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 until January 31st — providing they're upgrading from a previous version of Windows. The Verge previously revealed the non-promotional pricing for Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft will also offer a Windows 8 Pro pack, to cover a standard edition of Windows 8 to Professional, for $99.99. A Media Center Pack will be made available for $9.99 starting in February, an edition that's currently available at no extra cost to Windows 8 Pro users.