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Kim Dotcom launches Mega, teases new movie service

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Mega frontpage
Mega frontpage

Today, Kim Dotcom launched his new file storage service Mega on the one-year anniversary of Megaupload's takedown. The cloud storage service is currently under heavy load, with thousands of user registrations per minute and 100,000 registered users within the site's first hour, according to Dotcom.

Mega — intended as a competitor to popular storage solutions such as Dropbox — is a simple, drag-and-drop storage solution that allows users to share files via public link. In order to avoid copyright issues that led to Megaupload's takedown one year ago, Mega has implemented a new encryption system. This system, intended to protect both itself and its users from potential hacks or government raids, means that the service will not have access to users' uploaded content.

Even though the site is currently very slow due to the heavy influx of launch traffic, Mega's simple drag-and-drop interface and a streamlined File Manager bar make it easy to upload and manage your files and folders. Users will receive a complimentary 50GB of storage on Mega's servers, and the service offers a slew of other paid tiers. For €9.99, €19.99 or €29.99, users can get 500GB, 2TB, and 4TB of cloud storage respectively, and these tiers give users more bandwidth with which to share their files. Dotcom also has plans to bring file integration, syncing, and mobile access to Mega, but there's no word yet on when we'll see those features.

Dotcom is already teasing a new service on the tail of Mega's successful launch. In a tweet directed at the MPAA, Dotcom unveiled a screenshot of MegaMovie, which appears to be a service for movies, television shows, and music — content that caused many of Megaupload's legal woes. The screenshot reveals options to discover new content and share recommendations with other friends using the service.