On paper, Bientôt l'été doesn't sound too exciting. The latest release from Tale of Tales, the studio behind releases like The Path and Fatale, involves little more than walking around on a beach, collecting words, and drinking wine. Lots and lots of wine. It's available now on Mac and Windows as both a $10 download and in a $40 "extravagant edition" that comes with higher resolution textures and, at some point, a copy of the soundtrack. But the fact that it's so hard to explain the game in words — or at least make it sound exciting — isn't necessarily a bad thing, according to its creators.

"I like to think that this means that we have really used the medium's own strengths," says Michaël Samyn, co-founder of Tale of Tales. "There is no other way to experience Bientôt l'été than by playing it. No pictures of it and no descriptions of it can replace the actual experience, or even suggest it. And if this is true, it's a very good place to find ourselves in as creators, even if it makes marketing more or less impossible."