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Hands-on with Ubuntu's brand-new, gesture-based phone OS

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Ubuntu phone OS hands-on
Ubuntu phone OS hands-on

Our top London agent Vlad Savov just got his hands on the new Ubuntu phone OS and was able to get a quick look at some of the new OS's trademark features, including its new gesture-based interface. There's a bit of lag while swiping through the phone's different panels, but overall it looks to be quite the attractive and intelligent interface. Unlike nearly all of the major phone operating systems, there's no "home" button to speak of in Ubuntu — it's all based on gestures.

There's also no "lock screen" to speak of; users can just swipe in from the edges to access their content any time, rather than having to get past a gatekeeper sort of screen before accessing their apps. Swiping down from the top can bring up a variety of menus, including messaging and settings, depending on where exactly you swipe. All in all, it's an attractive-looking OS, and Galaxy Nexus users should be able to flash the Ubuntu phone OS images to install for users soon. However, the first real shipping devices won't be available until early 2014.