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Microsoft temporarily disables Skype WP8 People Hub integration in latest update

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Skype Windows Phone 8 stock
Skype Windows Phone 8 stock

Microsoft has issued a fresh update to its Skype for Windows Phone 8 Preview today. Along with improvements for the keyboard autocomplete / autocorrect and toast notifications for Windows Live Messenger buddies, Microsoft says it is temporarily disabling the People Hub integration for Skype. The software maker touted this feature as new integration point for its Skype Windows Phone 8 version ahead of the launch late last year, but it has admitted there's some device stability issues.

"We are working with the Windows Phone team to resolve the issue and to enable the integration again in a future release," says Skype. The People Hub change means that Windows Phone 8 Skype users will no longer be able to initiate Skype calls from outside of the app itself. Thankfully, Skype background calls still work and users will be able to continue to receive calls when the app is not running in the foreground. Skype says the People Hub change is temporary, but if this is an essential feature then you might want to hold on installing the update.