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Original 1960s Batmobile fetches $4.2 million at auction

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batmobile auction
batmobile auction

One lucky (and extremely wealthy) bidder will be riding home in the Batmobile seen throughout the 1960s Batman TV series after plopping down $4.2 million for the privilege yesterday. It's the very same Lincoln Futura that George Barris first modded to create the caped crusader's ride. The $15,000 project took just 15 days from start to finish, wrapping up just as production got underway on the ABC show that made Adam West a star. Barris had held the Batmobile in his private collection until last night's bidding war at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction. Experts had recently guessed the car could go for as much as $5 million, so it would seem the winner actually came away with a good deal, not to mention one incredibly cool automobile.