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Kim Dotcom claims over one million Mega users during outrageous launch party

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Kim Dotcom mega event screencap
Kim Dotcom mega event screencap

In just one day, Kim Dotcom's new Mega service has reportedly garnered over one million users. The impressive tally was revealed by Dotcom himself during a lavish launch party for the cloud storage platform in New Zealand. No doubt pleased with this early momentum, Dotcom said bluntly, "we cannot be stopped." Further, he emphasized that Mega was built from the ground up after MegaUpload was felled by the US Justice Department, which deemed Dotcom's previous project to be an "international organized criminal enterprise" that permitted piracy on a grand scale. The two web services thus share little to no code in common. "We have scrutinized every pixel to ensure it’s built from the ground up to adhere to the law," Dotcom insists.

Still, he remains visibly frustrated with the United States government for its actions. "The privacy of our users was intruded on, communications were taken offline, and free speech was attacked." Content owners, Dotcom maintains, have wielded copyright law as a weapon to hold back innovation. "No matter how many politicians you lobby, no matter how many SOPAs your money puts together in Congress, you will not succeed with your attempts to take control of our internet." With signups for Mega showing no signs of slowing, we can only wait and see if it can somehow escape the same fate as its predecessor. You can watch the entire extravagant Mega launch event along with a press Q&A that lends insight into Dotcom's future plans below.

Parts three, four, five, and six of Mega's launch event are also available on YouTube.