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RIM CEO will consider sale of hardware division after BlackBerry 10 launch

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BlackBerry logo busted old (1020)
BlackBerry logo busted old (1020)

Thorsten Heins is considering selling RIM's hardware production division after the launch of the company's next-generation OS, BlackBerry 10. Speaking with German publication Die Welt, the CEO said that, although there was no need to make such a decision in haste, all options are being considered as he continues in his attempts to turn around the Canadian manufacturer's fortunes.

As previously confirmed, those options also include licensing out the BlackBerry OS and enterprise infrastructure, as well as the company's BlackBerry Messenger platform, but despite earlier rumors this is the first time anyone from RIM has publicly confirmed it may cease production (or at the least move production duties to a third party) of physical devices. RIM will launch its new OS along with fresh hardware at the end of the month, and remains bullish on its chances of BlackBerry 10's success.