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Samsung kicks BlackBerry while it's down in 'Unicorn Apocalypse' ad

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We're all used to Samsung skewering "iSheep" or remaking its own sexting-related ads for Christmas, but it's now trying to prove its enterprise chops with the most inexplicable scenario yet: a trendy game development startup that somehow convinced its employees to use BlackBerrys. Upon switching to bring-your-own-device, the suspiciously large office deals with the growing pains of moving en masse to the Galaxy Note II and developing Unicorn Apocalypse, a cycle that apparently involves both "closing deals with clients" while watching football and deciding whether unicorns will start the apocalypse or prevent it.

The goal here is pretty clear: reassure business owners that the Samsung Approved For Enterprise program is capable of doing anything RIM's service can, while demolishing the idea that one phone should be for business and another for fun. Presumably Samsung's betting that the corporate juggernauts or government agencies RIM is known for supporting won't realize that the unicorn meme is easily as outdated as the BlackBerry Bold.