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John McAfee's movie creeps further toward reality

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McAfee arrested
McAfee arrested

The Hollywood Reporter revealed last Monday that Warner Bros. acquired the rights to John McAfee's Last Stand, and just one week later, development of a separate John McAfee movie has been announced by Impact Future Media. The film, titled Running in the Background, will be adapted from McAfee's personal memoirs — Future Media says McAfee "entrusted Impact Future Media with the exclusive intellectual property rights to his official life story." The developer announced last year that it had obtained the rights from McAfee, but it wasn't clear if it would obtain funding or actually get a product in development. Now, Impact Future Media says it will budget $28 million for the film, and has selected Equinoxe Films to produce and distribute it in Canada. The developer says that the film will begin with McAfee's childhood and travel to present day, "revealing unanswered questions and intimate secrets about his life along the way." As of now there's no release date, or any indication that the movie will appear in the US.