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Thousands of angry AT&T customers speak out as Free Press pushes for net neutrality

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AT&T logo (STOCK)
AT&T logo (STOCK)

AT&T recently made FaceTime calling available to all eligible customers on tiered data plans, but advocacy group Free Press remains unimpressed with the move. Immediately after AT&T announced it would expand support for Apple's video calling protocol, Free Press lambasted the carrier for not opening access to its entire customer base — including unlimited data subscribers. Now the organization is urging AT&T's customers to tell the company how they really feel, and Free Press is even giving them a public platform for the cause. Entering your name, email address, zip code, and ticking a box confirming you're an AT&T user is all it takes to have your comments displayed on the page titled "AT&T. Your World. Blocked."

Among the thousands of posts, an overlying theme is deep consumer concern over AT&T's disregard for net neutrality. Feedback also floods in from miffed subscribers with grandfathered unlimited plans. "As an AT&T customer, I am tired of you limiting what I do," says Mike from Chicago. "I pay you money every month to have these features. If I didnt have unlimited data, I would have dropped you guys so fast." Joseph from Miami is far more blunt, saying "you are liars and theives!" Predictably, many contributors are promising to jump ship to a rival carrier when their contracts expire. You won't find any words of praise for Ma Bell as part of this particular effort, but if you've been searching for a crowdsourced list of everything wrong with AT&T in its current state, look no further.