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Motorola's non-Android Motogo! channels the 'Google Phone' of 2006 for Mexico

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Motorola Motogo
Motorola Motogo

Since Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google in mid-2012, many have been waiting for a real Google-influenced cellphone to take advantage of that partnership. That phone still hasn't arrived, but there is still a Google Phone... of sorts. The Motogo!, released last year in Brazil and now coming to Mexico, is a strange beast: a QWERTY-keyboarded, non-Android feature phone with a plethora of Google-specific features, including Google Maps, Google Talk, and Google+, as well as a dedicated Google Search button. It's like an Android phone straight out of 2006, back when "Android" was more akin to a BlackBerry alternative than the broad platform we know today.

Motorola has recently dedicated itself to releasing smartphones at all price points: its flagship RAZR HD and the smaller RAZR i have both been released in Mexico and many other countries, as have lower-end Android-based options. Though it's kept up a trickle of feature phones, particularly in Brazil, we've heard rumors that the company is looking to exit the market, especially as smartphones become cheap enough to serve as functional replacements. While the Motogo! is almost certainly even cheaper, it's jarring to see the Google-owned company still promoting a phone with plenty of "smart" features but not its actual mobile OS.