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Amazon developing 'Zombieland' series as part of push into original programming

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Woody Harrelson zombieland
Woody Harrelson zombieland

Amazon may be lagging behind Netflix when it comes to delivering original programming to users, but the company just scooped up a fairly recognizable brand in Zombieland. A TV series set in the same zombie-filled universe as the feature film starring Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson was originally rumored to be heading to network television by way of CBS. But Broadcast Now is reporting that in fact Amazon is handling development on the series. Unfortunately it's doubtful we'll be seeing episodes pop up on Instant Video anytime soon; leaked casting sheets and script excerpts obtained by io9 last week suggest work on the project is just getting underway. But as Netflix prepares for its own original content push this year with House of Cards February 1st and later Arrested Development, it's clear Amazon will be giving the streaming service competition before long.