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Moog's $1,099 Sub Phatty is a more affordable take on its classic analog synths

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Moog's iconic analog synthesizers tend to run on the expensive side, but the recently announced Sub Phatty synth offers a lower price point along with what Moog calls a new sound for its lineup. The Sub Phatty includes 31 knobs and 25 keys, somewhat less than you'll find in more expensive models; it also includes a new feature called Multidrive, which distorts tones for more "vivid" sound. This isn't the first time Moog has announced a more affordable version of one of its classic products before the music-focused NAMM Show — last year, it gave us the Minitaur synth. This time around, the Sub Phatty will sell for $1,099; it'll be shipping in March and is currently available for pre-order. An earlier version of the Sub Phatty, meanwhile, was shown off earlier this year by Moog co-inventor Herb Deutsch.