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Twitter redesigns embedded tweets to show retweets, favorites, and more content

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Twitter has announced a couple of tweaks to its embedded tweet feature: embedded tweet boxes have been redesigned to enhance readability, and to display more context (like retweet and favorite counts). Sources tell us that the update also expands the amount of content that will be automatically displayed by enabling automatic expansion for all of Twitter's cards partners. Previously, only content from Twitter and videos from YouTube would automatically expand in embedded tweets.

Twitter says that embedded tweets should load faster on third-party websites, and it's made it easier to embed tweets. Now, users can select the "more" link within a tweet, presenting a drop-down menu that provides embed code. The move reduces the amount of steps required to embed a tweet — a welcome change for those of us who embed them with reckless abandon. Website owners, however, may not be quite as happy; the redesign is retroactive, so previously embedded tweets will reflect the new size.