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Spot Biden, Beyonce, and Justice Scalia's hat in these gigapixel inauguration photos

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we found beyonce in a lonely place
we found beyonce in a lonely place

Gigapixel imagery helped capture a detailed scene at President Obama's first inauguration in 2009, and this year even more detailed panoramas are on display. The Washington Post and The New York Times have provided zoomable, interactive images of the inauguration, each with tags identifying individuals in the crowd. The Post's version includes a wide-angle panorama with, at the time of this writing, 960 tags naming public officials and citizens in the crowd. (The Post's version is integrated with Facebook, and it notes that tags added via the social network aren't verified — which could explain these two check-ins.) If you care more about the who's who of Washington, the Times' panorama offers a much clearer look at the government officials and other VIPs seated beneath the Western facade of the Capitol building.