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Vice President Biden to discuss gun violence in a Google+ Hangout on Thursday (update: live now)

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Biden (White House)
Biden (White House)

Google has announced that the White House will renew its use of Google Hangouts for a series of video conversations, and that the next hangout will include Vice President Joe Biden in a discussion on gun violence. The 30-minute conversation will be hosted by Hari Sreenivasan from PBS NewsHour, and will also include author Guy Kawasaki and YouTube show host Phil DeFranco. In the session, the vice president is expected to present the White House's policy recommendations on reducing gun violence. Google says that the White House "will continue to host Hangouts with key members of the president's cabinet on a range of second term priorities." You can watch this first installment of White House Hangouts in President Obama's second term when it airs on Thursday, January 24th at 1:45PM ET.

Update: The Fireside Chat with Vice President Biden is now live and you can watch the discussion below.