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Chainsaw robot programmed to carve two stools from a single log

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kkaarrlls chainsaw robot
kkaarrlls chainsaw robot

A chainsaw robot visited Cologne last week for a single purpose: to carve stools. The robot is nameless, but the furniture it produces on its own is called the 7xStool, which was designed by Tibor Weissmahr and Tom Pawlofsky. The latter programmed the robot to carve two 7xStools from a single log, and the robot performed this feat twice a day during live performances for visitors to Passagen 2013 design week.

Both designers are alumni of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, and the 7xStool is part of a collection called kkaarrlls, which highlights creations from students at the university. Alongside the robot-made stool, four other kkaarrlls designs were shown off in Cologne as part of a partnership with German company Echtwald, which works to help restore commercially forested lands. While the chainsaw robot may be an impressive stunt, the stools created from the presentations were sold directly to audience members — though they may want to sand the stools down before they use them for the first time.