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Twitter's upcoming Vine-powered video functionality teased by CEO

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Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo and Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann have posted a video clip in a tweet using Vine, the video service Twitter acquired in late 2012. The short video — a few seconds long and complete with audio — marks the first time we've seen the company's video in Twitter, and it indicates that a full rollout might be forthcoming. Financial Review has reported that Vine could be launched in the next few weeks, at least in Australia, saying that the service will allow users to post six-second videos that can be seen within tweets.

We don't know yet how Vine will allow users to edit or post video; though the company was preparing an independent launch last year, it was bought by Twitter before actually releasing anything. Previously, videos posted by Hofmann would appear only as links in Twitter. Now, they show up in the tweet itself and can be embedded, as seen above. We've heard rumors of a Twitter video service for some time, and this move comes not long after Instagram cut off integration with Twitter's card system.