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They Might Be Giants releases iOS app that streams a free song every day

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They Might Be Giants app
They Might Be Giants app

Add They Might Be Giants to the growing list of musicians that have released full-fledged iOS apps for promotional purposes. Available today, the free download will play one of the group's tracks each day. Listeners will get access to the five most recently uploaded songs, meaning fans won't need to worry about opening the app on a daily basis. There's no option to download the music, however; the band still steers you to the iTunes Store if you'd like permanent ownership over the content you hear. Still, with the app promising a different song each day, it could be a decent way to sample the band's fairly extensive catalog.

Created by members of the band, designer Paul Sahre, and artist Hine Mizushima, the app throws Apple's iOS style guidelines out the window in favor of a felt casette tape interface. Skeuomorphism critics likely won't be fond of the look, but it's a proper fit for the lighthearted rock you'll be listening to. Aside from the five streamable tracks, the app keeps things fairly straightforward with links pointing to TMBG's various social profiles, podcast, and email list. The band is promising a mix of tracks both old and new — including their well-known Malcolm in the Middle TV show theme. An Android version of the app is also said to be on the way.