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Sigur Rós will hold a Reddit AMA and preview new music tomorrow at 3pm ET

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Sigur Ros
Sigur Ros

Icelandic minimalist band Sigur Rós may be known for shrouding itself in mystery, but the band will communicate directly with its fans tomorrow, January 24th, in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. According to a new post on its website, three members of Sigur Rós will answer questions from a recording studio in Los Angeles where the band is working on new material — the AMA will start at 12pm PT and will run for about an hour. Simultaneously, Sigur Rós will also broadcast "a brief glimpse into their near future" via a video clip of new material that'll go live at the same time as the AMA. There's no word yet whether the rather enigmatic band will use its made-up "Vonlenska" language to answer questions, but we're guessing they'll just stick to English this time around. If you'd prefer to just see the band in person, Sigur Rós will begin an extensive European tour in February and will land stateside in late March.