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Tumblr streamlines post creation with revamped inline compose windows

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tumblr compose window
tumblr compose window

Tumblr today began rolling out new inline forms for posting text, photos, quotes, videos, and more. The new forms are incredibly sparse and modern, relegating all but the most important functionality to drop-down menus or to buttons that only appear when you mouse over an image. "It's a step toward making the Dashboard a smaller and more streamlined experience," a Tumblr spokesperson told The Verge. " With this new way to create a post, the Dashboard has become a single experience. Now you're making posts the same way you're reading them."

"Now you're making posts the same way you're reading them."

In addition to a fresh new look, each form also feels like it has more individual personality, and has been catered very specifically to the kind of content you're posting. For example, the photo form now focuses first and foremost on photo elements, and even lets you drag and drop photos straight onto the web page. Additionally, text input boxes can now be resized in case you need some more breathing room.

While the update might not appear very significant, it means that Tumblr no longer boots you to a separate page to compose a post. Like on Twitter and Facebook, you can now post something quickly right to your feed, and the whole experience is much more focused, not unlike Tumblr's new mobile app.