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Leaked photos may show Samsung's oddly phone-like Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet

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An 8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note tablet seems a sure thing at this year's Mobile World Congress in February, Ahead of that, has posted what it says are pictures of the tablet. If this is really the Note 8.0, it uses the rounded shape of the Note 10.1, but has a portrait orientation and physical buttons along the bottom in the style of Samsung's Galaxy S III or Note II — if anything, it looks like an extraordinarily large phone, though leaks have clearly indicated it's a tablet. An S-Pen slot is apparently at the bottom right corner. says it's confirmed a rear camera without flash and a 1200 x 800 screen, backing up previous rumors; we've heard before that the tablet will come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and 2GB of RAM.


The pictures are generally blurry — a couple more are over at — but they're at a variety of angles and present a plausible design, even if we can't be certain of their veracity. The tablet itself is generally expected to be Samsung's big reveal at MWC 2013, but the usually highly credible SamMobile is now saying that's not correct: "This is NOT the special item by Samsung for MWC 2013!" Since a Note III or Galaxy S IV are expected to be some ways out still, we're not sure what that would be, though an S IV would be the more likely of the two.