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Clip of 'jOBS' gives first glimpse of Ashton Kutcher taking on the role of Steve Jobs

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jOBS EW screencap
jOBS EW screencap

We know Ashton Kutcher looks the part of a young Steve Jobs, but how well can the actor portray the late Apple co-founder on the big screen? The first clip we've seen from jOBS (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly) provides some indication of what moviegoers can expect when the film opens nationwide April 19th.

In a minute-long segment set in Hewlett Packard's parking garage, we find Jobs in the midst of an intense conversation with Steve Wozniak (actor Josh Gad) as he attempts to convince Woz that his "profound" operating system invention could revolutionize computing. "You can see what you're working on while you're working on it," he says, astonished with a concept that Wozniak largely seems to be brushing off. "This is freedom to create and to do and to build as artists and individuals," he insists. Woz, still dismissive, retorts "nobody wants to buy a computer." Yet Apple would ultimately pursue the idea with the Apple I, and by now you're familiar with where the story goes from there. jOBS will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and our own Ross Miller will be on hand to bring you impressions of the film.

Update: Steve Wozniak himself commented on a Gizmodo post regarding this clip and claims that the scene misrepresents his relationship with Jobs. In the comment, he said that the "personalities are very wrong, although mine is closer." In a follow-up email to Gizmodo, he said that "our relationship was so different than what was portrayed," and also said that "I'm embarrassed but if the movie is fun and entertaining, all the better." While the movie doesn't purport to be a documentary, and it's not uncommon for films to take liberties with true events and relationships, it does throw a little bit of doubt into how accurate jOBS will be. That said, we've only seen the one scene so far — we shouldn't judge the movie too harshly just yet.