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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite now shipping to over 175 countries

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Gallery Photo: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review pictures
Gallery Photo: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite review pictures

Yesterday, Amazon announced that it was finally selling the Kindle Paperwhite in Canada, and now the company says its lately ereaders are available to ship to more than 175 countries and territories around the world. Both the Paperwhite and Paperwhite 3G can be ordered from and shipped to a huge variety of international locales, but only the ad-free versions are eligible. This comes after Amazon's latest ereader launched to excellent reviews and lengthy shipping delays — however, it seems that Amazon's supplies have stabilized enough to start shipping the products elsewhere. If the buyer isn't an English-language speaker, Amazon says that the Kindle can be set to a handful of other languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish, when it is powered on. If you're interested, you can order the Kindle Paperwhite and ship it internationally from Amazon's standard product page.