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Google overhauls Currents for iOS with faster navigation, breaking news, and more

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google currents 2.0
google currents 2.0

Google is undergoing a design renaissance, and at the heart of this is its new-found approach to iOS apps — Google Maps, Gmail 2.0, and YouTube all share the same beautiful and simple DNA. Now, you can add the news aggregation app Currents to that list. It wasn't a particularly ugly app before, but version 2.0 brings it right in line with the rest of Google's iOS portfolio; liberal use of Helvetica Neue and all.

Overall it's a solid upgrade

Navigation has been altered in line with the new look: instead of swiping between pages within a particular publication, all the stories appear in a vertical stream, and horizontal swipes take you to the next source. There's a new breaking stories section, too, which aggregates content from Google News. The basic UI now includes a sidebar, as seen on several other iOS apps such as Path and Facebook, and this lets you easily jump between publications. Overall it's a solid upgrade to Google's reading client, and one that once again underlines the company's commitment to iOS design.

Thanks, Tony S!