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Mind-bending GIFs push the limits of art and processors

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gif art
gif art

Nowadays, the word "GIF" has become all but synonymous with the frivolous and whimsical, but Croatian Paolo Čerić is proving that there's more to the medium than just cats and LOLs. Čerić, 22, is currently studying at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, where he experiments with new ways to create art from code. His animations, published to his Patakk Tumblr, are equal parts mesmerizing and perplexing — complex geometric formations that undulate and pulsate across the page.

Čerić tells Colossal that he began experimenting with the GIF format two years ago, when he was a relative novice. He began by imitating other animations he'd seen on the web, but soon developed his own style, which now ranges from the abstract to the pop-infused. He's not the only one testing the artistic boundaries of GIF media, but his experiments are certainly among the most compelling.