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YouTube Capture updated with 1080p video uploads, improved sharing features

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YouTube Capture
YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture was one of the more surprising iOS apps Google has launched lately, and appeared to be the biggest contender to the "Instagram for video" crown when it launched. While the app made quickly capturing, uploading, and sharing video as simple as it has ever been, there were a few minor complaints — namely, the app didn't allow users to upload videos in full 1080p, limiting them instead to 720p resolution. That's been changed with an update that rolled out to the iTunes Store today; users can now upload at the highest resolution their iPhone or iPod touch supports. Google also added some improved social sharing options. Previously, once you chose to upload a video, you couldn't share it out to services like Facebook or Twitter after the fact. But now, Capture lets you share any clip you've uploaded to any service you want, with no restrictions. These features aren't huge improvements, but they do help refine an already-successful app in the face of Twitter's new social video-sharing tool, Vine. Unfortunately, there's still no Android version in sight.