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Music video shot with MRI machine provides an intimate look at musician Sivu

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MRI music video screencap
MRI music video screencap

It's not every day that you literally get to peek inside the mind of a musician, but Sivu's new music video for "Better Man Than He" makes it so. That's because the entire video — 3:23 in length — was filmed from the vantage point of an MRI machine. Predictably there's been no shortage of visual flair added during post production, but the core concept is striking in its own right. Sivu says the concept for the video stemmed from his obsession "with the idea of capturing images without conventional cameras/lenses." More importantly, the musician says he also took inspiration from "research into improving the management of children born with cleft lip and palate." The video was produced at St Bartholomew's Hospital (a central fixture in that research) and was made possible thanks to funding from Barts and the London Charity and CLEFT.