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Watch this: Christopher Walken shuns computers and cellphones for the simple, creepy life

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Christopher Walken, everyone's favorite oddball character actor, may be critically acclaimed for his acting work, but he's apparently not the one to go to the next time you need technology advice. Speaking to Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Walken admitted that he has more or less shunned today's technology traps, as he doesn't own a computer or even a simple cellphone. When asked how he gets information, he replies "I ask my wife." Amusingly, each time that Walken is on set for a movie, the film's producers give him a cellphone so that he can be easily reached during filming. This isn't the first time that Walken has admitted to being a bit of a technophobe: back in 2007 he said more or less the same thing in an interview with Details Magazine. But as fans of Walken, it's always fun to watch him in person, so check out the video clip below for all of the not-so-gory details on his avoidance of technology.