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Apple adds a California-based Quanta facility to its Mac suppliers list

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Apple has updated its suppliers list with a notable entry: Quanta Computer, located in Fremont, California. The US facility, which joins the group of places where Apple products are "assembled and packaged for distribution," has been alluded to before by CEO Tim Cook, who said in December that he wanted to "bring some production to the US on the Mac" starting in 2013.

According to the suppliers page, the Quanta facility will work on Apple's computer lines, but it's hardly building machines from the ground up — we've heard before that it's primarily focused on making minor component changes before shipping. Quanta, headquartered in Taiwan, has a long-running relationship with Apple but has so far only been mentioned officially as a supplier in China, though its US facilities have been speculated on before.

Cook previously promised that Apple will be investing $100 million in US production infrastructure to do more than just put the finishing touches on its Macs. "We could have quickly maybe done just assembly," he said, "but it’s broader because we wanted to do something more substantial." That could mean we'll be seeing more from the Quanta facility down the line, especially because of the company's prominence as a supplier, or that other companies will enter the US market as well. Foxconn, particularly, is rumored to be bringing Mac mini production to the US.