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Microsoft reportedly testing Outlook application for Windows RT

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Outlook 2013 stock
Outlook 2013 stock

Microsoft is reportedly testing an Outlook RT edition of its popular email client. ZDNet reports that the company has finished and is testing a version of Outlook for Windows RT, the operating system used on Microsoft's Surface RT tablet. At present Windows RT ships with Office 2013 RT Home & Student edition, but the software does not include an Outlook email client.

A full Outlook desktop app for Windows RT would immediately improve the email situation on Windows RT. ARM-based tablet owners are left with a Windows 8-style Mail application that isn't fully featured and needs a lot of improvement. It's not clear whether the Outlook RT application is a full desktop version or a Windows 8-style client.

Microsoft is said to be considering releasing Outlook for Windows RT, but ZDNet states that internal divisions are debating the merits of such a release. Microsoft isn't officially commenting on the rumor, so it's a waiting game to see if this Outlook RT application ever gets released.