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Lot of 1,000 classic Braun Design items being auctioned on eBay, bidding starts at €350,000

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Braun Design Collection
Braun Design Collection

For much of the second half of the last century, Braun products were known for being some of the best designed consumer products on the market, thanks in large part to legendary designer Dieter Rams. While Braun's heyday passed many years ago, its older products are still just as iconic as ever — and now, one lucky eBay winner will take home 1,000 of Braun's best. A collector from Heidelberg, Germany, amassed this collection over the years, which contains an assortment of radios, turntables, clocks, speakers, kitchen appliances, and more. The majority of the collection dates from 1955 through 1985, and its curator believes it is one of the most complete Braun Design collections in existence. As such, it won't go cheap — the minimum asking price is €350,000 (over $470,000 as of this writing). If you'd prefer just to window-shop, the curator's site has a detailed list, photos, and even a video of the collection, which you can see below. There's still five days left on the auction, so start searching your couch for change.