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RIM pulls out stops for BlackBerry 10 with Super Bowl ad, suggests new tablet is on the way

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BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10

It looks like RIM is going to try and take advantage of the Super Bowl to draw attention to it brand new operating system, BlackBerry 10. In a press release hyping up the commercial, RIM calls BlackBerry 10 "its new mobile computing platform that will power the next generation of smartphones and tablets," suggesting what has long been suspected — the operating system will be used on new tablet hardware, not just the PlayBook. Super Bowl XLVII, on February 3rd, will be held just four days after the Canadian company plans to fully reveal BlackBerry 10 at a press event in New York, and the firm will certainly be hoping to make an impression on over 100 million viewers during the 30 seconds it'll have during the game. How much is RIM ponying up to CBS for the privilege of half a minute of Super Bowl time? Reports say that the average spot costs about $3.8 million. In addition to the ad, RIM says it will sponsor some pre- and post-game activities in New Orleans, and the BlackBerry 10 commercial will air on Canadian television as well.