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Nokia announces Music+ premium subscription service for $3.99 per month

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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020
Nokia Lumia Windows Phone_1020

Nokia today announced Nokia Music+, a premium upgrade to its free Mix Radio service that's being offered for $3.99 monthly in the United States and €3.99 internationally. Buying into Music+ gets customers benefits like unlimited skips, access to higher quality streams, lyrics, and a desktop web app. Unlimited downloads are also an exclusive for paying subscribers. Nokia says this lets you save "a massive supply of offline music" though it's unclear whether users will be able to selectively pick tracks to download or remain limited to mixes that the app automatically puts together. We've reached out for clarification. Music+ will be available sometime "in the next few weeks" according to the company, and while it says overseas pricing will differ by territory, most customers can expect to pay around €3.99.

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