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Daft Punk reportedly signs with Columbia Records, new album expected this spring

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Daft Punk (shutterstock)
Daft Punk (shutterstock)

NME reports that French electronic music duo Daft Punk has left Virgin / EMI to sign with Sony's Columbia Records, and that the group will release a new studio album this spring. Daft Punk's last album, the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy, was released in 2010 — the new album slated for this year will be the group's fourth studio album since its debut album Homework was released in 1997, and its first official release following Human After All in 2005. News of the label switch was originally broken by French publication Le Parisien, which reports that the new album will be released worldwide. As NME points out, this is the second recent coup for Columbia, which signed Depeche Mode in December.