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'Jurassic Park' coming to 3D Blu-Ray on April 23rd

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Jurassic Park
Jurassic Park

If you can't make it to theaters to check out Jurassic Park's week-long IMAX 3D re-release in April, there's good news — the film is coming to 3D Blu-Ray as well. This version of the film will be available starting on April 23rd, just a few weeks after the 3D theatrical run kicks off on the 5th. The 1993 classic will come packed with the usual assortment of extras, including making of features and a dinosaur encyclopedia. If 3D isn't your thing, though, all three films will be released individually on Blu-Ray starting March 26th (as opposed to the Blu-Ray trilogy bundle, which has been available for some time). No matter how you decide to re-watch the movies, though, be sure you do so before June 13th, 2014, so you can be nice and prepared for when Jurassic Park 4 hits theaters.