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Samsung confirms plans to bring Music Hub streaming service to non-Samsung devices

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Samsung Music Hub
Samsung Music Hub

When Samsung launched its Music Hub streaming service in the US last July, the company said that it wasn't ruling out the possibility of expanding it to non-Samsung devices in the future — and it looks like that possibility could soon be a reality. According to The Next Web, Samsung's SVP for media services TJ Kang has confirmed that the company's goal is to eventually bring Music Hub to non-Samsung hardware, but unfortunately provided no timeline as to when that might happen, or what devices we might see it launch on.

It could be a while, though, as Kang explained that first the company wants to get the service on more Samsung devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other connected hardware like smart TVs. In the US, Music Hub is currently only available on the Galaxy S III and Note II. The service is powered by music streaming company mSpot, which Samsung acquired last May. We've reached out to Samsung for further details and have yet to hear back as of this writing.