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Jonathan Coulton re-releases 'Baby Got Back' cover in protest of 'Glee'

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Jonathan Coulton
Jonathan Coulton

Internet folk musician Jonathan Coulton isn't sitting idly by following Glee's liberal, uncredited reproduction of his famous "Baby Got Back" cover. The musician has limited legal options — there's no legal recourse for a cover that sounds exactly like yours — but he's resorting to other means to make a point. He's re-released the cover on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, and says that proceeds from all track sales between now and the end of February will go to the VH1 Save the Music Foundation and the It Gets Better Project (after, of course, paying iTunes fees and royalties to Sir Mix-a-Lot). In a blog post, Coulton writes that the new (old) track is "a cover of Glee's cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's song, which is to say it's exactly the same as my original version."

The musician alerted fans about the rip-off on Twitter before the episode made it to television, but that didn't stop Fox from airing it without any credit whatsoever. Coulton says Fox responded to him, telling him that he "should be happy for the exposure." He notes that the charities he selected to fund are conveniently aligned with the Glee brand, and writes that "maybe this is something that the Glee people would like to give some exposure. Though, in order to do that they'd have to make some kind of public acknowledgement that I exist." Coulton promises he'll have "a lot more to say about this situation soon," but there's no guarantee that Fox will listen.