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HTC M7 parts reveal shared DNA with a Droid

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HTC M7 parts
HTC M7 parts

HTC's rumored M7 appears to be the company's next flagship phone, and the leaks have been coming with increasing speed recently. A full image leaked last week, and now ETrade Supply has posted a video of what they claim is the front and rear housing of HTC's next major device. Probably the most exciting detail revealed in this video is the M7's dedicated camera button, a feature we wish more phones had. While this is clearly not a final product, we're definitely hoping the camera button is a feature included when the phone finally ships. As we saw in the leaked image, the M7 looks like it'll be a lot less rounded and curved than the One X — the corners are more squared off, and the chassis itself will be a lot more straight. Unsurprisingly, it shares much of the same design language found in the Droid DNA / Butterfly handset.

HTC appears to be throwing away the design language of the One series

The M7 chassis appears to be a bit smaller than that of the DNA, which would fit in with the rumored 4.7-inch screen size. It also looks like HTC stuck the power button on the top of the M7, something that drove us crazy when using the DNA — but fortunately it's set off to the side, and will hopefully be easier to access since the M7 will likely be a smaller device. As for the front housing, it looks nearly identical to the image that leaked out earlier and, according to the measurements, should have room for the expected 4.7-inch display. While the One X failed to reverse HTC's fortunes in the smartphone market, we'll be watching the rumored M7 closely — we're expecting it to be introduced in a few weeks at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.