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Revamped BlackBerry World includes music, movies, and next-day TV shows for BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry World (STOCK)
BlackBerry World (STOCK)

RIM said last week that it renamed its app store to BlackBerry World (from BlackBerry App World) as it intended to add music and video offerings to the service for BlackBerry 10. The Waterloo-based company has now given us details on what sort of selection the store will offer: it has released a full list of music labels and movie studios it has made deals with to distribute on the storefront. There's little information on pricing or payment options, but users will be able to rent or download shows and movies — though there won't be a subscription music option. The majority of movies, however, will be available on BlackBerry World the day they're released on DVD, and "many" current TV shows will be released the day after they air in the US, UK, and Canada. The company's music offerings will be available in 18 countries.

Includes TV shows the day after they air and movies day-and-date with DVD

RIM has managed to line up an impressive list of partners for the re-launch of BlackBerry World as a media and app store: all the major movie studios are on board, as are the major music labels in addition to some independents. The TV show selection, however, is currently light on cable channels like those from A&E Networks and Discovery. While it's not made clear in the release, it's presumed that the service will launch day-and-date with BlackBerry 10. We're sure to find out more this Wednesday at RIM's press conference in New York.