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Apple TV update adds Bluetooth keyboard and iTunes in the cloud support

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apple tv apps
apple tv apps

Apparently today is Apple software update day — iOS 6.1 just rolled out, and now second- and third-generation Apple TVs are receiving an over-the-air update as well. The biggest new feature is probably the addition of Bluetooth keyboard support. While it's easy enough to search for content if you have an iPad or iPhone, users stuck with Apple's standard remote have a much tougher time. Now, any Bluetooth keyboard should work with the Apple TV, making content searching much faster. Apple's also touting some improvements to iTunes in the Cloud and the "Up Next" content queuing feature that it introduced in iTunes 11. Up Next support was actually added back in November along with iTunes 11, but it sounds like it has been further refined with this update. Our Apple TV is currently updating, and we'll have more details on these new changes as soon as it is ready. The software update is available to download directly to your Apple TV now.

Update: The updated Apple TV software actually supports iTunes in the Cloud — so now users who aren't signed up for iTunes Match will still be able to see and listen to all of their purchased iTunes music, just as they can for purchased video content already.