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Lucasfilm reportedly nixes remaining 3D 'Star Wars' prequels to focus on new trilogy

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While the focus this past week has been on what new Star Wars movies are coming, today it's on what won't be making it to theaters: 3D versions of the rest of the prequel trilogy. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that plans for a theatrical release of 3D editions of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith have been scuttled as Disney turns its attention to the new trilogy it has in the works.

The 3D version of The Phantom Menace was released in February of last year to less-than-stellar box office returns by Star Wars standards (it pulled in only $23 million in its opening weekend in the US). The original plan had been for the latter two films in the prequel saga to be released back-to-back in September and October of this year. With the announcement of J.J. Abrams as the director of Star Wars: Episode VII coming just days ago, anticipation is already building towards the new trilogy. Keeping new versions of the prequels — which have negative connotations to hardcore fans on a number of levels — out of theaters will no doubt keep goodwill high as the new film winds its way towards production. Star Wars: Episode VII is currently scheduled to be released in 2015.