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Facebook updates iOS app with built-in video recording days after Vine's launch

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facebook native ios app
facebook native ios app

On the heels of Vine's release and growing popularity, Facebook has updated its iOS app with the ability to record and share videos in-app. The update also includes the ability to send voice messages in-app, and Facebook says it's improved the relevance of results appearing in the Nearby tab. (Facebook already updated its Android app last week with the same voice messaging functionality.) iOS users were previously able to upload video directly to Facebook from the photo roll, but the functionality is now internal, which should speed things up for people who spend their time in the Facebook app.

While Facebook has proven itself capable of pushing out brand new apps like Poke in less than two weeks, the company's mobile app updates are on a strict release schedule, which makes today's update (a few days after Vine launched) purely a coincidence. However, that doesn't count out a Facebook feature / app like Vine launching in the near future.

Update: Facebook appears to have snuck in another tweak: Facebook's Code Generator authentication system is now part of the iOS app. The feature, which has been present in the Android version for some time, allows users to authenticate their identity with a custom-generated code when logging into Facebook on a new computer or device. The feature is accessible from the app's sidebar, right above the account settings option.

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