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New 'Girls' and 'Enlightened' episodes available on HBO Go to sidestep Super Bowl scheduling

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Lena Dunham Girls
Lena Dunham Girls

Next Sunday the Super Bowl will take over US airwaves in a spectacle of pigskin and expensive commercials, but HBO is using some tools in its digital arsenal to battle the scheduling conflict. HBO has made next Sunday's episodes of both Enlightened and Lena Dunham's Girls available for viewing now, either via HBO Go or through the company's own on-demand service. The episodes will also have a special early "debut presentation" this Saturday, February 2nd — one day before they're regularly scheduled to air — on HBO itself. Both will then re-air at their regularly-scheduled time on Sunday.

HBO hasn't been shy about using digital means to promote its programs before, and while these options still require fans to subscribe to HBO in the first place, they're no doubt a welcome benefit for those that have embraced the company's digital initiatives. The HBO Go and on-demand options are live now; the early airing of Girls will take place this Saturday at 10:05PM ET / PT. Enlightened will follow at 10:35PM ET / PT.