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University of Akron adds Twitter handles to basketball jerseys for social media stunt

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twitter jersey
twitter jersey

Sports are already pretty big on Twitter, but the iconic social media ampersat is making its way into the real world in a more intimate way at the University of Akron in Ohio. Photos leaked on Twitter show that the Akron Zips' new black Nike jerseys will feature the team's Twitter handle on the back; CBS Sports reports that the ads will be placed on both men's and women's basketball jerseys for a "social media night" on February 2nd. It's not clear if the addition will be permanent — the school's uniform announcement doesn't mention the Twitter tags — and we've asked the university to clarify its plans.

Twitter handles on jerseys are just part of the Akron sports program's bonanza of social media advertising. An announcement from the school notes that fans will see hashtags like #ZipsGameday and #ThinkBigger on sidelines and basket supports. Sure, it's just one social media night at one school, but we can't help but feel like we'll soon be seeing folks like @KingJames sporting their Twitter personalities on the big court.