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Pinterest testing new design with a focus on navigation and discovery

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Pinterest redesign test
Pinterest redesign test

Image-based social network Pinterest has announced it's experimenting with one of the site's key features: its visual design. In a blog post today, software engineer Vy Phan writes that the site will be testing out the new look with a "small group of people" very soon. Navigation is a large part of the redesign, with categories moved to the left — complete with minimalist icons — providing a cleaner layout when browsing from topic to topic. Pinned images will themselves be bigger, and they'll also be given additional context, with pins from the same board and other related pins included in the layout. Phan writes that the new design also includes several tweaks that should make the new version of Pinterest run faster, as well.

The update is said to be rolling out to the select testers over the coming weeks, and while it's not a revolutionary change, it's the kind of iterative tweak that will likely give Pinterest fans more of what they already love about the service.